Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello, strange reading beings. This is a small space I've set up to share my adventures and misfortunes with Gentoo.

I've been using Gentoo since the end of 2006, and if there's something I've learned in all these years is that you can get the weirdest issues (things you wouldn't usually see on other distros), but nevertheless you can learn a ridiculously huge amount of things while you are sorting these issues out. If you pay enough attention, you'll be in a much better position when tackling issues on other distros, since you'll most likely possess a slightly better low-level understanding of things.

This is why I decided to set this up. This won't be a full guide to installing and using Gentoo (there's already plenty of good doc on that), but rather a place to document the everyday things that make us both love and hate Gentoo at the same time :)

If you're a regular Gentoo user, then I hope you find this space useful. If not, then I encourage you to try it out.